Job description for a Show Steward:

01. A show steward first and foremost is the front line eyes and ears of the Union. Keeping the elected business representatives informed and current as to the situation at show sites.

02. His or her job is to understand the basic contract language, to monitor and enforce contract compliance on the show floor.

03. A show steward also serves as a vital communications link for the Union. Answering or getting answers to members questions and conveying important information from the Union to the members. Also to act as rumor control by dispensing accurate information.

04. To act as a liaison between the members and the union, the members and the company, show management and the union.

05. To police the show site workforce and enforce the Union Security clause of the contract by registering non-union workers. To also police the jurisdiction of 831 to insure the work is being done by 831 signatory companies and 831 members.

06. To regularly attend meetings to stay informed.

07. To take a leadership role by helping to organize and participate in picket and hand billing activities as well as Union political and volunteer activities.

08. To serve as a leadership model for the rank and file membership.

Members can best help their show steward by:

01. Supporting your stewards and their decisions. Stewarding is NOT an easy job and requires an extensive amount of decision making. If you think a Show Steward made a wrong decision don't contradict him or her in public wait until you can speak to him or her alone and ask for an explanation.

Most of the time you will find that once you know all of the facts their actions will make sense. Don't just try to judge a steward's actions without all of the information. It is a VERY DIFFICULT job and they are doing it for you and the good of your Union.

02. Don't make wise comments when a steward passes by with a labor stop. Remember no one likes to be the butt of a joke or insult and exhibitors are no different. It does not help matters when your steward has already convinced an exhibitor to take labor, and you hear comments like "stick it to him brother".

03. Show your support when your steward is engaged in a disagreement. DON'T STOP WORKING, DON'T MAKE COMMENTS and DON'T GET INVOLVED but make sure to wander behind your steward. It doesn't take many people doing that to make the solidarity very apparent. Remember if a steward is having a disagreement it is almost always on your behalf.

04. If you see a contract violation be sure to get all the information you can and get it to your steward in a timely fashion. After the fact doesn't help in most cases.

05. If you want to criticize your stewards come to a few steward meetings and get a feel for what it takes to be a steward. If you still feel that you can do a better job then volunteer to be a steward and let's see if you are up to it. We always need more good stewards.

The procedure to become a show steward is to start attending steward meetings which are listed in the show schedule and participate in the training that takes place at these meetings. Once the Union thinks that you have reached a reasonable level of competence you will be given a chance to try your skills out and give you a taste of what it is like on the front lines so to speak. If you perform up to par you will be recommended for active appointment.

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